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Large Freearm Embroidery Hoop

BERNINA has done it again! The Large Freearm Embroidery Hoop lets you use the BERNINA freearm with tubular items, like TShirts and tote bags without you having to take the item apart and re sew. You will save on additional stabilizer and fabric for hooping and get the benefit of freearm embroidery with this new hoop. This hoop also has the ergonomic twist - lock that you see on the Jumbo Hoop, Midi Hoop, and Maxi Hoop for easy hooping and repositioning. 

The stitching area is 5.6 x 10 inch (145mm x 255mm)

Compatible Models

  • B 880 Plus, B 880, and SE's
  • B 830
  • B 790 Plus, B 790, and SE's
  • B 780
  • B 770 QEE, and SE's
  • B 750 QEE
  • B 735 E
  • B 720E
  • B 700 E
  • B 590 E
  • B 570 E
  • B 535 E
  • B 500 E