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BERNINA Clamp Hoop Medium

The BERNINA Medium Clamp Hoop is the ideal embroidery hoop for quilters. The square shape perfectly accommodates square designs common for quilting. This saves both embroidery stabilizer and fabric compared to oval hoops.

Easily position and clamp quilt projects in the hoop by attaching repositionable clamps. The thick acrylic template enables you to visualize accurate placement while providing proper tension during hooping.

Approximately 8 x 8 inches Sewing Space

Compatible with:

8 Series Embroidery Machines (880E all variations)
7 Series Embroidery Machines (790E, 770 QEE, 735E, 700E all variations)

**B 830, B 750 QE, and B 780 are currently not compatible but a firmware update is in the works. Please check with us to see when the update for your machine comes available. We always update your machine when you bring it as part of it's service. Hopefully they'll have the update soon.