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6817 N May Ave Oklahoma City, Ok 73116
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BERNINA of Oklahoma City

Service Rates for common repairs and maintenance. 

Effective January 1, 2022

Clean, Oil, and Adjust BERNINA Brand Machines                   
BERNINA 7 and 8 Series Machines   $100
Current 4 series and 5 series Machines   $90
3 Series and non-current models   $80

* It is expected that the technicians may, on occasion, determine that one or more parts are needed by a machine during the process of completing a COA on that machine. If this is the case during a given service, we will assume that necessary parts up to a total of $20 are pre-approved. Beyond this amount, or for parts that are cosmetic only, the technician will call the number given on the service ticket to obtain approval before any additional charges.

Likewise, if a technician is completing a COA and determines a necessary part is needed, but the customer declines the necessary part, the above labor for the COA will still be charged even though the machine may not operate correctly or for a long period of time as a result of the declined part.

Other Services and ALA Cart Items    
Timing Only   $50
Timing with COA  (all models) $30
Lower Rack Removal (1000 series; all purposes) $90
Foot Control Circuit Board Repair  (Where Possible) $55
930 L Print C1 Capacitor Replacement    $65
Walking Foot COA   $15
Serger Threading   $10
Scissor Sharpening (per pair)   $6
Q Series / E16 Service or Diagnosis on site    $75 / hr

Off site service is subject to travel charges based on distance from BERNINA of Oklahoma City and is calculated on Google Maps Distances.

These are the expected labor charges for the indicated services. As needed, technicians may opt to raise (with customer approval) or waive these charges based on individual circumstances that arise during a given repair. 

These prices do not include the price of parts needed for repairs or replacements of worn or broken parts.

Estimates are still done at no charge, however, you will need to get back to the technician as soon as possible for your repair to be completed in a timely matter.