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You will find below a list of questions frequently asked of the staff of Bernina OKC by their customers.

Q: Help!  I have turned on my machine and it is making this humming noise and it will not sew!

A: Before you put your machine in the car and drive to the store, please do the following:  1) Take a deep breath.  2) Exhale.  3) Check to see if your bobbin winder is in the on position.  If you your bobbin winder is turned on, your machine will not sew.

Q:Who does Service on BERNINA and other Brands?

A: We Do!  BERNINA of Okc does Service and Repair on All Brands, Including Bernina, Bernette, Singer, Brother, Babylock, Kenmore, White, Elna, Husqvarna, Pfaff, and others.  We have Trained Technicians right here in our store to take care of your Machines.  Our work is Warranteed, and we will not charge you if we can’t fix the problem!

Q: What about Support for BERNINA Software?

A: Here in the store, We can usually solve most issues that arise, but there is also a great support team at .   Just click on the link to , look for ‘Support’, then choose the area that is appropriate for your software product.  You can find updates, patches, and faq’s right there, and even submit a question to BERNINA’s great Software Support team.

Q: Where is BERNINA Made?

A: BERNINA is a fourth generation family owned company in Steckborn Switzerland.  There are 2 BERNINA factories, one in Steckborn and one in Thailand.  Both are owned and operated by BERNINA and operate under ISO 9000 manufacturing standards to guarantee consistent High Quality in BERNINA products.

 Q:Why when I try to put a design on my usb stick does it say, “not a BERNINA USB stick?”

A: To solve the problem, first make sure the usb stick is inserted properly, then select the file icon next to the text box where the name of the drive is located. Then in the dialog box that comes up, use the arrow down and select the correct drive name for your usb stick, usually E or if you have named your stick, the name will be there.  After you have selected your stick, click OK at the bottom of the dialog box, and then click OK again in the last dialog box to send it to the usb stick.