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Shelly Smola Design's Easter Quiet Book Embroider a long
Join Rachel in embroidering this adorable quiet book for Easter. There are 7 sessions and each will have its own video.

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Session 1: Bunny Puzzle Pages 1 & 2, Chicks in the Egg Pages 1 & 2, and Chicks in the Egg - The Egg

Click here for the Session 1 PowerPoint PDF.

Click here for the Thread Colors & Embroidery Designs Handout.

Session 2: Concentration Pages 1 & 2, Easter Egg Hunt Pages 1 & 2, and the Concentration Pocket

Click here for the Session 2 PowerPoint PDF.

Session 3: Bunny Puzzle Basket, Easter Egg Hunt Basket, Easter Egg Hunt Eggs

Click here for the Session 3 PowerPoint PDF.

Session 4: Concentration Cards, Chicks

Click here for the Session 4 PowerPoint PDF.

Session 5: Bunny Puzzle & Lamb Pages

Click here for the Session 5 PowerPoint PDF.

Session 6: Front & Back Covers, Optional Tab

Click here for the Session 6 PowerPoint PDF.

Session 7: Completing the book

Click here for the Session 7 PowerPoint PDF.